Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Paris Edition!

Bonjour from Paris! I've been here for the last five days, and tomorrow I leave for home.

This is the first time I've done a WIAW post, and I'm excited that I get to share what I've been eating here in France. I've been eating mainly French things (like croissants, pain au chocolat and jambon et fromage sandwiches on baguette), and they have been so tasty!

Many "What I Ate Wednesday" posts are not actually from this Wednesday, but because of the time difference here in France, this post is entirely what I ate today! So here we go!

Breakfast was from the most gorgeous Starbucks I have ever seen. It has really high ceilings (complete with chandeliers), and the building seems to go on forever!

After days of croissants and bread, I was craving some fruits and veggies. For breakfast, I had a huge fruit cup and a fruit & nut granola bar. One thing I found really funny was that the Starbucks' here serve pancakes and French toast (which, no, they don't just call "toast").

After a morning of touring and shopping, we ate lunch at the top of a big department store. The restaurant was called "Deli-cieux", which was a bit of a play on words, because "delicieux" means delicious, but with the hyphen, it meant "Deli of the Skies", which it really was! It was nine floors up, and we got a gorgeous view of all of Paris.


My lunch was a salad with mozzerella, parmesan, tomatoes and olives (which I picked around). I also had a peach iced tea, which I've been having at lunch every day. They don't seem to have plain iced tea here, but that's fine by me because it's so good with the peach flavor in it!

For dinner, I had the best duck I've ever tasted! It was served with fig sauce and mashed potatoes, and it was SO good!


For dessert, I had molten chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream. Again, SO good! I think this was the best dinner I had while in Paris.

Overall, Paris was great, and this dinner was a great way to finish a fantastic trip!


  1. Mmm everything looks delicious! That Starbucks is insanely gorgeous, as well! Glad you joined the WIAW party:)

  2. I'm so glad you got to try the duck!!! The idea of duck with fig sauce is delicious. :)

  3. The duck sounds like heaven!
    That Starbucks looks really pretty, too! :) Despite owning the first one ever built, Seattle definitely doesn't have one as fancy as that here! ;)

  4. Everything on this post looks great. I got a postcard from your mom today and it sounds like your family had a wonderful time in Paris. You're making me wish I could go back!

  5. It was a great trip! I had a fantastic time, and I'll let her know you got her postcard!


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